Why Should You Go for an Event Planner?

While you might find it very easy to plan a party for 50 people, or plan that dream wedding of yours that you have been thinking about since the age of 12; the truth is that you might be able to do it, but at the cost of running all over the town to book your favorite DJ, getting the best caterer, deciding on the flower arrangement and what not, you probably won’t have a successful event. Event planning might seem very interesting and creative, but only when you have got a dozen of helpers with you. You will only get more and more stressed about it due to the amount of work that you have to handle on your own. Keeping this in mind, we provide you the best reasons on why you should let the event planners do the work.

· Cost: While most people believe in the myth that planning an event on your own leads to saving big bucks, the truth is that you will actually end up spending more money on that cocktail party you are planning by organizing it on your own. Sure, event planners don’t do their work for free, however, these people are way more experienced than you are and know where to go when it comes to food, flowers, lights and music. Another major point that most people tend to ignore is that an event planner saves you travelling all over the town, wasting petrol and money on all the travelling.

·  Time: Imagine travelling for two hours to reach your dream venue, only to find that it has already been booked for a wedding on the day of your engagement party. Now that was some good wastage of your precious time. Similarly, organizing a party can lead to moving around a lot, spending hours choosing the DJ, flower arrangement, decorations and food for the party. You can save all this time and do something better instead when you opt for an event planner to plan that party.

·  Stress: Organizing an office party? It is never going to be an easy job. You will have a million things to go through; the seating arrangement, caterers, entertainment, music and much more. And while organizing such a grant event, you will always face a lot of issues that you might not know how to handle. Instead of stressing out and spending sleepless nights to organize that perfect office party, opt for an event planner that takes up all the responsibilities and makes you relax and shop for the perfect outfit for the office party.

You should go for event planning only if you are working in that industry, or else you will be just stressing out on your time and money. In order to plan that birthday bash of yours, go for none other than RSVP, which has trained and experienced employees to handle all the responsibilities related to your event and make it a grand success.

Have the perfect destination wedding

Any destination wedding depends on a number of factors. Some of the main things to be kept in mind are the location of the wedding and entire setup. Now, as is the case with many clients, they already have a location in mind. This means that no location scouting is to be done. With the location portfolio out of the way, the wedding planning team can simply pay the location a visit and see what kind of accommodations and services it is providing and improvise accordingly. This being said when the bride and the groom do not have a location in mind a location portfolio is prepared, keeping in mind their preferences and requirements. An existing location portfolio can also be suggested if the team has previously worked on the location. This will help in saving time and other monetary resources as well.

For most destination weddings, it often becomes a challenge for the wedding team to prepare the wedding according to the needs of the client, all the while staying within the monetary restrictions set by the client. Professional wedding planners take pride in organizing a wedding while staying within the set parameters. This is done so because these professionals have experience in the destination wedding planning and this experience comes handy on later stages. While planning the wedding, any professional wedding planner will have accumulated years of experience and, along with it, connections in the various fields and aspects of the destination wedding planning process.

Any destination wedding experiences a unique one. Every destination has its own charm and services and amenities to offer to the client, making their entire experience worthwhile. A destination wedding can be held at any kind of destination; it all depends on upon the preferences of the client. For a beach wedding, any beach venue or a beach community can be used. Many places and venues provide beach like ambiance even in closed off environments as well; such can be used accordingly while planning a beach themed destination wedding. For that old school feel, any grand palace or mansion can be rented. A variety of destinations and structures are available for the purpose of events and weddings, providing the client ample of choices to choose from.

Now, the designing of the wedding and wedding costumes is an important aspect of any destination wedding planning. That being said, such services can also be availed separately via any professional wedding planning agency. This also makes way for a more coordinated and united wedding party, making the wedding a success. Before implementing any plans, the client is always consulted; making sure that the wishes of the client are respected and kept in mind for any decision taken.

Trendy Brides


Being a wedding planner, we always believe in helping our brides to feel their best on the day of their wedding and part of it also belongs to the styling and outfits they go for. As the Wedding season is arriving fast, we at RSVP EVENTS always work towards making sure that our brides-to-be stay up-to-date with all the latest bridal trends. So, dear brides-to-be get ready as we bring to you stunning trends and amazing ideas to inspire your bridal look for 2016-2017.


*This is just  an inspirational picture only.
The vibrant hues of red and fuchsia are perfect for a bride. Mirror work is an intelligent kind of look to embrace because it is fun, fashionable, flirty and ideal for a pre-wedding function as it is lightweight too.
*This is just  an inspirational picture only.

Amidst the vibrant oranges and reds this color is always dominating the wedding season. There is every reason to glitter in a gold outfit on your wedding, as it is a welcomed change from the bright hues. Also, it gives you immense flexibility to decide on your jewelry as anything under the sun is going to match with  the gold outfit- think rubies, emeralds, and polki.


download3.jpeg* This is just an inspirational picture only.

Away from the ethnic Indian wear, a bride-to-be also needs an amazing dress or a gown that is just made for her to own for her bachelorette or cocktail function. The flowing materials,  big ruffles, asymmetrical hemlines, cutaway sides and bold colors that are enough to help you rule the night. Styling such a gown is not difficult. Just choose a bold lip color, pin up your hair neatly, and choose neutral pumps, so that everyone can keep their focus more on the outfit.


download4.jpeg* This is just an inspirational picture only.

Blue is an unusual choice for bridal wear. But, it looks ravishing for more reasons than one. Pick this unusual tone and add more colors like red, orange, maroon, gold and more to achieve a glamorous look. The colorful bodice of a suit is an instant hit as everybody is so bored of a single color  suit. Also, the cholis can be really deep at the back, which is emerging as another key trend this season as well. While it is a good idea to steer away from a plunging neckline on your functions, revealing your back a little can add the touch of glamour to your look.


download5.jpeg* This is just an inspirational picture only.

This is a gilded jacket blouse on a yellow and orange saree. These jackets are also trending to being worn over a suit and a long jacket paired with a lehenga. Thus, it seems that the idea of teaming up a suit, saree or lehenga with a jacket is here to stay.   So, get experimental and work the trend.


download6.jpeg* This is just an inspirational picture only.

This can be paired over a beautiful gown with a translucent cape that can make it look like a million bucks. Such an outfit seems ideal for your cocktail, engagement or reception party and we are sure you will be able to pull off the cape trend with great aplomb.


download7.jpeg* This is just an inspirational picture only.

An ideal piece for your trousseau would be a pre-draped saree that is beautiful, high on bling and easy-to-wear for any upcoming festivity or wedding. As you need to create a good mix of outfits, be sure to take this one with you. It will also come really handy when going for a destination wedding.