RSVP Events Poonam and Priya were the best decision I think my husband and I made for our wedding. We were hit with many unexpected dilemmas during our wedding. In fact, our venue double booked our ceremony room. I had 1.5 hours to have the morning bride remove her decor and (self lol) from the venue. Poonam and Priya were so responsive to all my concerns….Even when it was a text at midnight! On the day of the wedding Poonam and Priya were at the hotel where I got ready. They were there before schedule time and made sure EVERYTHING at the venue was being done per plan. And can I add, they even left the venue to bring me my favorite DD! If i didn’t have that, my day wouldn’t have been the same. When I arrived at the venue I was so in shock to see everything so perfect ……and not a site of the previous wedding.Our wedding also transformed from ceremony to reception in the same room.They made sure the transitioning from ceremony to reception happened in a timely matter. Poonam and Priya handled guest so well during cocktail hour and seating. I only could imagine how much effort and pushing Poonam and Priya did to get our room ready for us. Honestly, our wedding day was perfect from an outside veiw, but it’s because of all the background work that was coordinated phenomenally by RSVP Events.
Many Thanks,
-Priya and Vishaul